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Welcome to The Comprehensive Companies

Comprehensive Financial Planning, Inc.has been in business for over forty (40) years and is an experienced independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The focal point of our work and service is asset management. We specialize in managing assets for both individuals and for retirement plans.

Our Philosophy

We employ a disciplined approach to asset management. Through our "Managed Portfolio Program",we assist our clients in accomplishing their long term investment objectives.
With the above in mind, we work closely with individual clients to customize an investment portfolio that will accomplish the client's specific financial objectives within their specific risk tolerance.

Saving for Retirement

In the retirement plan environment, we work closely with the plan trustees to establish the investment options that best accomplish the objectives of the plan and the employees. We assist the trustees in maintaining the investment options that meet the requirements of their Investment Policy Statement. We also work closely with plan participants in establishing an investment strategy that is specific to their needs and goals.
Additionally, we work with our corporate, business and professional clients to enhance and/or maintain their retirement plan. We can assist in the design, review, modifications or implementation of all types of retirement plans, including: 401(K) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Pension Plans, SEP and SIMPLE Plans, etc. Our goal is to insure that our clients have the retirement plan that best accomplishes their business objectives, as well as the objectives of their employees.